Neu Art Care mission

We support the care, preservation and protection of art and culture in public and private collections, and deliver highly-qualified services which draw support from a network of skilled individuals.


NEU Art Care is a collective of professionals with expertise in art conservation and curatorial services resulting from over 15 years collaborating in the contemporary art scene. Our ambitious and innovative team provides art consulting services, logistics, and facilitates communication between Galleries, Artists, Curators and Collectors.
Our care, assurance, love and respect for the ethical value of art leads us to believe that we are engaged in something that goes beyond mere professionalism: our mission is to provide an efficient, harmonious and growing service.


- Offer a qualified consultancy team and provide services to both public institutions and private clients that meet the wide ranging needs within the art world
- Assist and provide support for collectors seeking to successfully manage, preserve and enhance their personal cultural heritage and art collection
- Act as a comprehensive educational resource supporting public, associate or expert collectors and enthusiasts approaching the art world for the first time. We help with making decisions and appropriate choices regarding art preservation and management of collections and cultural events


- Archive Design, Preservation Planning, ongoing Collections and Artwork Maintenance / Monitoring of Collections and artwork
- Supervision of art installations and their relative Storage, Conservation plans and Maintenance
- Condition Report and Photographic documentation (with detailed mapping)
- Preventive Conservation
- Organization of Art Events (management and organization of Installation Schedule, Logistic Schedule and Coor- dination of Public relations with Galleries, Artists, Curators and Collectors)
- Logistic Coordination: which includes assistance in handling and transporting artwork for Import/Export within or outside the E.U.
- Solutions for appropriate artwork packaging (for conservation purposes, installations, and proper storage)
- Expert advice in case of damage and value assessment of art work
- Art Advisor
- Art Producer
- Restoration Consultancy



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